Run for Fondation Terre Solidaire

The Paris Half Marathon 2024 is on the horizon. It's a unique opportunity to push your limits while making a major difference in the world.

By choosing a Solidarity Bib for the Paris Half Marathon, you will not only run 21 km but also commit to raising at least €210 in donations from your friends and family (equivalent to €10 per kilometer) to participate and fund the ecological transition. Thus, every step you take, every kilometer you cover, will directly contribute to our mission.

This race will be an opportunity for each participant and their supporters to mobilize for the future of our planet. We are in a global race against time, and all indicators, such as the latest IPCC synthesis report, highlight it: to ensure a sustainable future, we must act now! This is the goal of the Terre Solidaire Foundation: to accelerate initiatives that allow us to envision a future for all generations. Just as every tenth of a second matters in a race, every tenth of a degree matters for our future! So why not start with one of the Solidarity Bibs in the colors of the Terre Solidaire Foundation and combine a personal challenge with the challenge of a better world?

100% of the funds raised through the collection opened for this occasion will be allocated to the Terre Solidaire Foundation to support projects aimed at rethinking a more sustainable world. Thanks to the commitment of the runners, the Foundation will be able to continue supporting all the actors of daily solutions, such as:

  • The Fleurs d'Halage association, which allows people distant from employment to train and work on creating a more ecological and ethical French flower industry;
  • Supporting Coopawatt and their promotion of citizen and sustainable energy for all all over Europe;
  • Defending the environment alongside organizations such as MerTerre, which networks and organizes plastic pollution cleanup in our seas and oceans...

By running for the Terre Solidaire Foundation, you can transform your passion for running into a powerful tool for change.

Imagine the sense of accomplishment as you cross the finish line, knowing that your effort has had a tangible impact on our organization. It's not just a race; it's a statement: you can make a difference.

So, are you ready to run for much more than the finish line? Join us for the Harmonie Mutuelle Paris Half Marathon 2024 and let's together take on the challenge of a race to accelerate the ecological transition!